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autism series

Autism Series

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Can we ever “describe” Autism spectrum Disorder? These 4 webinars will provide much food for thought as well as practical ideas.


Product Description

These 4 webinars will provide a look at different facets and features of Autism Spectrum Disorder. By no means all explaining as we need to learn so much more, but it will provide the viewer with many points to ponder as we keep chasing the “why’s” of learning behavior.

This series includes:

Sensory Processing And Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sensory Processing is considered one of the criteria for a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. Discover the intricacies of the different sensory systems and their particular impact on persons diagnosed on the spectrum. Each sensory system including praxis / motor planning is discussed in terms of definition, impact and intervention ideas.

DIR/Floortime Model And Autism

Dr. Stanley Greenspan gave us a practical ladder of  functional emotional developmental capacities enabling us to understand a person diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. It is the only program globally that truly engages the core difficulties of theory of mind and central coherence in a way that promotes and engages social skill. The developmental hierarchy includes individual differences and uses natural, important relationships to draw the loved one into our world through their own decision making process. Discover a fun way to be with a child (of any age!) while also working on the building blocks necessary for academics and executive functioning skills.

Autism Classification And Components

Take a closer look at all the different components of Autism and see the parts that form the whole picture. Mention is made of theory of mind and central coherence theory and it’s impact on social skills. There is no one size fits all and important to understand all the components of effective assessment that would drive each unique intervention plan.

Executive Functioning And Autism Spectrum Disorder



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