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Much is stated about the variety of complexity of this diagnosis and yet so much more that needs to be understood. There is much that can be done about the plethora of symptoms and very important to raise the bar on expectations while also being in acceptance of what the individual brings to the table. Respecting individual differences are key as well as understanding their need to maintain safety and security, while also targeting “theory of mind”


Autism and the Tomatis Method

$ 30.00

Take a deeper look at the different components of Autism spectrum Disorder and discuss 4 listening tests of one case study and client progression.

dir floortime and autism

Autism Classification and Components

$ 32.00

What is Autism Spectrum really? Let’s dig a little deeper than the behaviors we observe.

autism series

Autism Series

$ 95.00

Can we ever “describe” Autism spectrum Disorder? These 4 webinars will provide much food for thought as well as practical ideas.

Dir floortime model

DIR/Floortime Model and Autism

$ 32.00

You can teach social manners, but you cannot teach social skills! Discover how floortime techniques could promote academic and social function.

executive funcioning and autism

Executive functioning and Autism Spectrum Disorder

$ 32.00
spectrum disorder

Sensory Processing and Autism Spectrum Disorder

$ 32.00

Find out more how the different sensory systems impact on Autism Spectrum Disorder and what to do about it.