school principle of montessori school

Dear Maude

They say a true teacher is someone that can touch both the heart and the mind of their student – at the same time! In my experience, this makes you a true teacher.

So, my appreciation to you as being a great teacher. I walked into the room on Friday, feeling such a heaviness at the task we face each day and left with a sense of purpose and renewed enthusiasm for continuing that work. I am under no illusion that it is suddenly all “light” work but I feel empowered by the addition of depth to my knowledge, and confirmation that my instincts were right, I just needed to have the science behind them!

Thank you for teaching so well, for sharing so willingly and for doing it in such a gracious and professional way. You have the absolute balance between head and heart!

With gratitude and admiration

Feb 19
heather spinosa

Maude is a wonderful presenter who shares a wealth of knowledge in a warm, positive way. She paints many pictures of different and progressive therapies that inspire attendees to educate themselves further and look at their children’s challenges in new and different ways. This workshop was extremely helpful to me.

Feb 19
melisa roy

Maude is a wonderful and knowledgeable speaker. She has met a need in the community to help us address and identify the specialized needs of children with extreme functioning disorders and help them earlier before the suffer of low self-esteem and school aversion.

Feb 19
hana bernett

Maude has really opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching my tx SX. I feel like I gained so much information to help to guide my future independent learning and expanding my clinical knowledge.

Feb 19
jana van der merwe

I attended the Assessment course presented by Maude from a TotalApproach. As a therapist working in private practice for over 6 years I came to a point where I knew that I dont know enough and that more can be done in my practice. Looking at courses to do Maude’s course on Assessment was a good beginning point for me. Improve your assessment skills and then focus on treatment.

Wow, what a learning experience. Maude is the owner of a very successful practice in USA and shared a lot of her forms and practices which they use in her practice. She left us with multiple resources to use at our own practice. I learned a lot and received a lot of knowledge to go and think about and workings to start implementing in my own practice, but most of all I got a change to be inspired by someone that LOVE what she does and is passionate about children and giving them an opportunity to reach their potential.

Feb 19