Contact info@atotalapproach.com for any issues relating to downloads or webinar access.

Q) How does the Webinar get delivered/viewed?

A) The webinar’s download link can be accessed on the checkout page after the order has been placed. As shown in the image below, the download link is below the product title and will be red 

A) A confirmation email will also be sent automatically after an order has been placed. This email hosts the same layout as pictured above.


A) Those who made an account when checking out can re-access their orders by clicking ‘my account’ on the top menu

Clicking ‘orders’ on the side menu

Then clicking ‘view’ to regain access to the download link.

Q) Why am I not receiving any confirmation e-mails?

A) Have you checked your SPAM folder? Have you checked if you are logged into the same email you made an account with? These could be the issue. If not, we would be happy to re-send the purchase confirmation email for you. Contact info@atotalapproach.

Q) When will I get my download link?

A) The download link is immediately available on the checkout page after an order has been placed. An order confirmation email is also sent that contains the same link.

Certain products are restricted to certain professionals where certifications must be validated by ATA. Access to products must be requested by sending the required criteria to info@atotalapproach.com

Please ensure you have an existing account with our online shop before submitting your application.

Product requiring Tomatis Certification

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email Address (used to register on the ATA Shop)
  • Tomatis Certificate

Any membership enquiries can be directed to info@atotalapproach.com