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Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing is a complex neuro-behavioral condition that underlies many developmental delays as well as behaviors. The complexity lies in the individualization of each profile and the level of expertise in clinical skill

Closeup of big gold nugget on a black background

10 Golden Nuggets to Empower Parenting

$ 30.00

Parenting is not easy, but understanding could ease the

process in a big way. This webinar describes a hands-on
approach you can add to your toolkit for improved peace
of mind.

dir floortime and autism

Autism Classification and Components

$ 32.00

What is Autism Spectrum really? Let’s dig a little deeper than the behaviors we observe.

Dir floortime model

DIR/Floortime Model and Autism

$ 32.00

You can teach social manners, but you cannot teach social skills! Discover how floortime techniques could promote academic and social function.

executive funcioning and autism

Executive functioning and Autism Spectrum Disorder

$ 32.00

Praxis (motorplanning)

$ 30.00

Discover different components of this complexity in our motor performance and how this “hidden” difficulty really impacts on language, motor and executive skill.

*Webinar is only available for viewing for 7 days.

Sensory Modulation

Sensory Modulation

$ 30.00

Understand the impact of modulation / regulations on body and emotions.

*Webinar is only available for viewing for 7 days.

Sensory Nuts and Bolts Series

Sensory Processing – Nuts and Bolts Series

$ 180.00

A series of 7 webinars of 1 hour each that takes you through a tour of sensory systems with assessment and intervention ideas. For professionals and parents.

spectrum disorder

Sensory Processing and Autism Spectrum Disorder

$ 32.00

Find out more how the different sensory systems impact on Autism Spectrum Disorder and what to do about it.