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Praxis (motorplanning)

$ 30.00

Discover different components of this complexity in our motor performance and how this “hidden” difficulty really impacts on language, motor and executive skill.

*Webinar is only available for viewing for 7 days.

prompting expressive

Prompting Receptive and Expressive Language Through Gestures

$ 30.00
The use of gestures to facilitate expressive language.
Sensory Modulation

Sensory Modulation

$ 30.00

Understand the impact of modulation / regulations on body and emotions.

*Webinar is only available for viewing for 7 days.

Sensory Nuts and Bolts Series

Sensory Processing – Nuts and Bolts Series

$ 180.00

A series of 7 webinars of 1 hour each that takes you through a tour of sensory systems with assessment and intervention ideas. For professionals and parents.

spectrum disorder

Sensory Processing and Autism Spectrum Disorder

$ 32.00

Find out more how the different sensory systems impact on Autism Spectrum Disorder and what to do about it.

Auditory system

The Auditory System

$ 30.00

Important regulator and builder of cortical stimulation to increase learning.

*Webinar is only available for viewing for 7 days.

sensory processing1

The Meltdown Recipe

$ 30.00

Learn a step-by- step way of dealing with frustration and

meltdown behavior while maintaining your own sanity

and teaching self-control.

oral and olfactory

The Oral and Olfactory System

$ 30.00

Picky eating and so much more.

*Webinar is only available for viewing for 7 days.