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Emotional Processing / Behavior

Understanding the emotional world of the child is an important step into the direction of mental health and socio-emotional wellbeing. Targeting the origin of the behavior is key for long lasting effects. Decreasing “out of control” behaviors through less power struggles between parent / child or therapist / child is key to emotional success

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10 Golden Nuggets to Empower Parenting

$ 30.00

Parenting is not easy, but understanding could ease the

process in a big way. This webinar describes a hands-on
approach you can add to your toolkit for improved peace
of mind.

executive funcioning and autism

Executive functioning and Autism Spectrum Disorder

$ 32.00
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Let’s Talk About Anxiety

$ 30.00

Understand the complexities of different aspects of

anxiety, including performance anxiety and what can be

done about it.

sensory processing1

The Meltdown Recipe

$ 30.00

Learn a step-by- step way of dealing with frustration and

meltdown behavior while maintaining your own sanity

and teaching self-control.